What is Concierge Psychiatry?

Personal attention

We schedule patients for longer appointments. By design, the doctor sees fewer patients per day and has the time to focus on each patient’s treatment needs.

Highly responsive

Patients are seen as frequently as needed. We are able to respond promptly to any medical issues that arise. Your call will be answered immediately and an appointment time, if needed, will be arranged without any delay.

Out of network

We will provide you with receipts that you can submit to insurance for reimbursement in case you have out-of-network benefits. Your insurance will still cover most of prescribed medications. If required, we will obtain insurance authorizations on your behalf.

No insurance dictates

The doctor is not bound by contractual relations with insurance providers, which often impose treatment limits. You will receive highly specialized professional care that is right for your needs.

Integrated psychotherapy and psychopharmacology

Dr. Shnaps is a highly skilled psychiatrist who is well trained in both psychopharmacology and psychotherapy. He is in the best position to diagnose and treat more complex cases for which splitting treatment between two or more providers is much less effective.

Princeton, NJ Psychiatrist

Yitzhak Shnaps, M. D.

Yitzhak Shnaps, M.D. is a Princeton, New Jersey psychiatrist. Treating patients of all ages, Dr. Shnaps provides both psychiatric treatment and psychological counseling. His psychiatric specialties include: Mood Disorders, Learning and Behavioral Disorders, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Psychotic Disorders, and a wide variety of other mental health conditions. He helps children in school settings and provides individual and family treatment.

Dr. Shnaps received his M.D. from the Hebrew University Medical School in Israel. He was a Psychiatric Resident and Psychiatric Chief Resident at Albert Einstein Medical College, Bronx, New York. He has been appointed as: Chief of Dual Diagnosis Services for the Carrier Foundation in New Jersey; Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at New Jersey’s Robert Wood Johnson Medical School; and a member of the Courtesy Medical Staff at Princeton University’s Medical Center.

Certified as an American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Diplomate, Dr. Shnaps has a New Jersey medical license and U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency certification. He was awarded the Sandoz Award for Excellence in Psychiatry from Albert Einstein Medical College and since 1996 has been selected as one of the Best Doctors in America. A member of the American Psychiatric Association (APA), Dr. Shnaps is also an affiliate member of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) and the International Society for the Research of Aggression (ISRA). He has authored numerous articles in peer-reviewed clinical and research medical journals.

Dr. Shnaps’ practice is located in the Princeton, NJ area. Visit the Contact/Location page for a map and directions.

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