More than ever, people are assuming responsibility for their health. Self-care has moved from a new age concept to daily practice for millions of people. Digital health platforms provide useful information and help inform how people approach treatment modalities for themselves and their families.

In the realm of mental health, there is new awareness around prevalent problems like depression and anxiety. Once people are better informed, they can make better decisions about how to care for their mental health. Part of this development is the emergence of concierge psychiatry.

Concierge Psychiatry adopts a Patient-Focused Model

Traditional, insurance-driven mental health care operates within a proscribed set of treatment rules. In order for a provider to get reimbursement, they must indicate a diagnosis that meets the insurer’s standards. In other words, a provider may not be able to accurately provide a diagnosis if it falls out of the parameters for insurance.

With concierge psychiatry, your doctor is free to focus on exactly your unique situation and to accurately diagnose your condition. In addition, they can prescribe the frequency of your visits. Insurers often set limits on treatment frequency and the duration of individual appointments.

Moving away From a Reliance on Insurers for Determining Psychiatric Treatment

For complex mental health challenges, including major depressive and bipolar disorders, there may be overlapping (comorbid) symptoms that require a highly nuanced approach to diagnose. With our concierge model, we optimize care for patients of all ages and are not constrained by insurance company models.

If you or a loved one needs to consult with us about how our concierge-based psychiatric service model can help reverse the effects of a mental health problem, whether it is a lingering, long-term issue or something that has come up recently, please contact our office.