Princeton Concierge Psychiatry has adopted the concierge model as an enhanced form of patient-focused treatment. The concierge model untethers our practice from insurance company reimbursements. In an effort to make our practice even more accessible to a wider range of patients, unlike some Medical Concierge models, we do not require an annual membership fee.

Reliance on Insurance versus a Patient-Focused Care Model

When practitioners rely on insurance reimbursement, there can be impediments to accurately diagnosing certain conditions, along with constraints on prescribing the most effective treatment plans.

Rather than subordinating the quality of care to the reimbursement process, we focus on matching the duration and frequency of appointments to patient needs. For patients who are eligible to receive out-of-network reimbursement, we can provide the necessary forms for them to submit to their insurers.

It is important to note that medications and treatments prescribed by us can still be covered by insurance, but that our practice has been set up for us to deal with patient payments directly on a check or cash basis.

Moving Away from a Reliance on Insurers for Determining Psychiatric Treatment


There are several important benefits to receiving treatment at a concierge-style practice that patients should be aware of. By eliminating membership fees, patients only pay for the treatment they receive.

Our practice model also allows us to schedule appointments for as long as they need to be, and for our patients to schedule appointments as often as they are required.

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of being a concierge practice is that we have the freedom to provide accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plans that are entirely patient-focused.


Princeton Concierge Psychiatry is led by Yitzhak Shnaps, M.D., a board certified Psychiatrist skilled in diagnosing and treating complex cases across a wide range of mental health disorders. Dr. Shnaps espouses an integrated psychiatric services approach that combines the best of psychotherapy and psychopharmacology. With a practice philosophy organized around the concierge model, we are dedicated to restoring you and your loved ones to their optimal state of mental health.